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Chiara De Filippis

Chiara De Filippis

Mutando Riposa.
This aphorism by Heraclitus is perhaps one of the most representative of my journey, cross-cutting and full of life-changing, life-giving events. I moved to Florence from Rome after my humanities studies, without a rational reason: my soul was following the call of art and craftsmanship. After long intercontinental travels and a workshop apprenticeship with a master goldsmith, as it used to be done, born, however, somewhat for fun, I took up the challenge and opened my own atelier, following the path of expressiveness.

My workshop training, coupled with experimentation and the use of traditional techniques including hammer forging, have contributed to a creativity that sway between classic and contemporary canons, at the same time free from formal bonds of style, constantly evolving. I call myself a purist: I use only noble metals and natural gems, naturally endowed with a warm vibration that is comfortable to the touch. The inspirations are philosophical and naturalistic in nature: observing the perpetual changing balance of the cosmos in which we inhabit and daily experience, I try to convey that movement in my jewelry, through forms that evoke its poetic suggestion, yet without revealing it. The Heart, Passion, Love, represent the fire that creates and shapes matter into minimal volumes.

Each person who wears one of my creations finds his or her own symbolic correspondence, making it his or her own; here the magic of encounter happens: designer and user dialogue in the world of archetypes, history, universal and collective cultures.

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Every piece of art is handmade by the artist
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