italian contemporary art Stefano Puzzuoli Sculpted vase maple wood Italiano Plurale

Stefano Puzzuoli

Stefano Puzzuoli

The vases made by Stefano Puzzuoli are small wooden haikus, poetic works characterized by beauty, history and unique design. The wood used is entirely recycled. Logs collected in the woods, plants blown down by the wind, prunings, pieces of wood destined for the fire.

“The first phase of my work consists in the search for raw materials: my area of discovery is the forest”

Going through the woods thus becomes an operation of wonder. A training of the gaze to discover old trunks inhabited by mushrooms, insects, mosses, and then work them, until their deepest essence emerges.

“I like to intervene on these worn woods, choosing them with care and giving them new life. My wish is to allow people to discover a different way of looking at nature”

In this way the vases become an archive of travels, memories, crossings of different ecosystems, becoming an encyclopaedia of precious essences: oak, olive tree, maple, cherry, strawberry tree, plum.
And it is the wood itself that chooses its shape:

“My work consists in facilitating the shape that the wood chooses to take. I limit myself to carefully observing the veins, traces of ancient fungi colonies, life and all the infinitely small universes that is inside each piece”

The result is vases with heterogeneous shapes, from time to time compact and very smooth or crossed by fissures, cuts, deep cracks, as if to weave a special relationship between inside and outside. Stains, innervations, organic signs are left alive, like precious marks, imprinted by time and the constant metamorphoses of nature. The first series of vase sculptures appeared in 2020. Since then, he has been working on private commissions and collaborating with artists and dancers to create large-scale works.

wood art handmade working details Stefano Puzzuoli contemporary artist Italiano Plurale
Every piece of art is handmade by the artist
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