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Ingrid Heiss

Ingrid Heiss

My passion are people. People, in all their facets, with all their pluses and minuses, their feelings, emotions, their entire being is my subject. Yes, I am an observer. Like a painter, I observe the light. I observe what effects emotions have on our muscles. What expression joy, longing, love, our dreams give us. Like an author, I look for the important characteristics of a being and try to describe them. Analyzing, noting, weighing up, feeling, discarding, again until I’m satisfied with it. That’s how I start my work on metal.

Work “The star grabbers” The stars seem incredibly far away and yet people always manage to reach for them. “The Star Grabbers” represent personalities who have succeeded in making their dreams come true. The basis of each work is a portrait and a conversation with the person depicted. Materials and surfaces are understood as symbols. They show characteristics of the star grabber. People are the focus of my work.

“It is important not to lose sight of your dreams and to fight for what what you dream about!”

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