italian contemporary art Chiara Ricardi Cabinet of Curiosities Italiano Plurale

Chiara Ricardi

Chiara Ricardi

My pictorial and plastic research wants to combine materiality of Informal Art to narrative richness of signs, symbols, myth references and an evoked or just suggested figuration. A both expressive and structural necessity leads the study of harmonies and contrasts between rhythms, colours and shapes and determines my interest in materials: silica carbide, earthenware, porcelain, glazing, metals, sands, different surfaces, related on plane and in space.

My current work in progress, Cabinet of Curiosities, is a kind of Wunderkammer made of small biomorphic porcelain sculptures, conserved under glass domes. These porcelains evoke imaginary marine organisms, similar to radiolaria and diatoms, thanks either to their shape and geometrical structure or to the material they’re made of. The sculptures are classified in many imaginary species according to Linnaean taxonomy, using binomial nomenclature of genus and species (both invented although plausible).

Sometimes these creatures are colonised by parasitic species, which grow up to disfigure and embody the host species, highlighting their vulnerability. The fragility of the materials and the complexity of the forms remind of the scientific cabinets of the XVIII e XIX centuries.

ceramic art handmade working details Chiara Ricardi contemporary artist Italiano Plurale
Every piece of art is handmade by the artist
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