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Martha Pachon Rodriguez

Martha Pachon Rodriguez

My current work consists of three lines: The sculptures mixture of human eroticism with animal nature. The scenographies, mix of translucent porcelain and photographs, result of an ethnographic investigation and art references, and a third precious production of light installations.

The sculptural series is divided into “Full Color sea urchin” and “Sea Flowers” series, which evokes the creatures of the sea floor modified as new animal species. From the same series, mixing nature with human erotism, the series „Impudent Laces“ was born, an ethnographic investigation, a human history.

The pendants and translucent installations as “Wedding cloak” and “Medusa” are an intermediate between tradition and modernity, consisting of thousands of sheets of porcelain, made ​​to be touched, heard and seen. Other architectural installations made for special projects, are inspired by the ceilings and walls painted by Giotto in the early Renaissance. One example, the “Mappa celeste” installed at “MUST” museum, Faenza, Italy.

The first “Floating World” series has been inspired by the Japan’s Edo period, stylishness, hedonism and stravagance: Translucent pieces full of color, vessels and chalices. But, recently I have studied the Floating worlds series, focusing on the human figure and the object together, creating a sort of „Still Life“, installations or scenes, where porcelain accompanied by a Caravaggesque Bacchus is the setting for photographic shots. The overall and / or fragmented photographic image of the scene is the masterpiece.

About my current work process, I make slabs of extreme fineness, looking for transparency and color, using ancients and complex Asian porcelain techniques and including other means such as photography, glass or wood. For me, creating pieces is a process that represents a journey that holds a sacred dimension.

ceramic art handmade working details Martha Pachon Rodriguez contemporary artist Italiano Plurale
Cleaning and finishing of each leaf carefully
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